You Can Be 1 of my 6 Mentoring Clients in 2017: Align. Energize. Implement. Grow.

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What a wild first quarter this has been! Pretty disorienting isn’t it, with so many changes and turmoil. Consider these questions:

  • Are you feeling on track with your business and personal goals so far?
  • Are you feeling this year has been a real uphill battle so you need to be super-focused, clear, balanced, and making decisions from a wise heart?
  • Are you willing to change any limiting beliefs and habits that are keeping you in a rut, unable to reach the potential you know is right there inside you?
  • Do you often get a feeling in your gut that something just isn’t truly aligned in your life, so there’s more friction than you want, more struggle than you want, more battles than you want?
  • Do you wish you could live from a position of great balance, presence, influence, and impact?

Let’s talk.

How I will help you Align. Energize. Implement. Grow.

For six or twelve months you’ll get me:

  • Your own private mentor, accountability buddy, champion of your world, and all-around interesting (and entertaining) guy
  • I’ll work with you for one or two days privately, here in the San Francisco Bay Area town of Sausalito (a little gem!) After that we’ll continue our Mentoring process for six to twelve months
  • I’ll help you turn the stress in your life into resilience and youthful energy and coherence so you can align, energize, implement and grow, using the the latest in brain hacking and performance enhancement (seriously cool stuff) as well as the revolutionary HeartMath tools and technology I helped develop
  • I’ll help you ignite your “creative spark” every day for free energy in all aspects of your life (this part is super fun and exciting)
  • I’ll help you examine your business objectively top to bottom — your financial needs and resources, your marketing and promotional capacity
  • I’ll help you create a solid business plan you can implement (with my mentoring along the way)
  • I’ll offer you structure, process, tools, creative ideas, and together we’ll create a blueprint for where you’re going.
  • I’ll be cheering you on to be the fullest version of you that you can possibly be.
  • I’ll offer you the benefit of my worldwide network of amazing colleagues to help you grow and flourish.


Why I Could Be Your Guy

Over the past several years, I realized I was born to mentor. Well actually, I’ve grown up to be able to Mentor in an impactful way.

I have been through so many life lessons and tough challenges – even a couple life-threatening ones – and the heart of me wants to share, guide and advise others.

Like any mentor worth his salt would do. Only I’m me. So fundamentally I’m different than anyone else you could work with.

Like you are. 100% unique.

My job is to help you become 100% you once and for all, and to let out the full you in the name of your passions and your purpose in life.

To speak with your voice, your authenticity, the wisdom you’ve gained from living a life no one else could have pulled off.

As Oscar Wilde famously said, “Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.”

I’ve spent my entire life carving out a unique path for myself, tasting and becoming expert and recognized in a variety of careers.

If you’ve read my bio you know I’m a little of each of these: executive, entrepreneur, singer, dancer, coach, teacher, mentor, actor, photographer, innovator, writer, editor, and advisor.

In my business career I’ve worn operational, sales, marketing, business development, program development, strategic planning, executive leadership and mentor hats. That’s a lot of hats. ( I also have a big head.)



Some headlines

  • I was VP of Marketing for a $20million nutrition company.

  • I was CEO of a $10million scientifically-based stress and resilience company (HeartMath).
  • I was named one of the Top 50 Thought Leaders in Personal Excellence.
  • I’ve been Adjunct Faculty at Stanford University for 20 years.
  • I am a published author or editor of more than 30 books.
  • Harvard Business Review published my article on Executive Stress and Resilience twice!
  • I performed more than 800 performances in New York in the world’s longest-running musical, The Fantasticks.
  • I’m dancing several times a week on two titanium hips (and yes, I’m well known to TSA agents across the country.)


You get all of me if we decide we’re a good fit for each other.

Because I don’t just take anybody.

You’re already high on my list if you’re still reading this.

I want to work with people hungry to learn, hungry to shake the dust off old patterns they still tolerate but that no longer serve them.

People who already know they’re here on Earth at this time in history to make a difference for humanity, to touch the lives of people they may even never meet.

People who know that to get somewhere awesome it takes a crew. And it starts with a buddy.

You and me?

Anna Margolis

When I met Bruce, I’d been searching for some time for a mentor with the requisite level of consciousness and capacity to hold the size of the vision I’d received. With 30+ years’ business experience, a level of magnetism that’s attracted an exceptional network of close friends in the transformational field and a deep heartfelt appreciation for beauty, creativity and flow, Bruce remains the ideal mentor and collaborator for me as a committed and conscious business owner. I appreciate his ability to listen without judgment, to stay out of the story, to make me feel safe to explore my deepest soul levels and to be playful when an injection of fresh creativity is needed. Thank you Bruce – I couldn’t do it without you!

Anna Margolis, Conscious Revolutionary and Mentee since November 2015

Mentoring is a big commitment to me. It takes focus, heart, passion, deep listening, compassion, and a little chutzpah. I want you and me both to make a 100% commitment to working together closely, honestly, openly, humorously, awesomely.

Because apparently I’m genetically programmed to live that way, since anything less makes me want to shrivel up and die.

Lee P. Murphy

I hired Bruce to work with me as our company was going through a critical evolutionary stage in our development. He brought to our engagement a grounded process and a lightness of spirit that helped me prepare to help transform our organization. Our firm’s mission of focusing on the impact we have with others first was aligned with how Bruce lives his life. If you want to improve yourself, Bruce is a great guide/mentor, if you want to improve your organization’s effectiveness – he brings a broad base of experience and a brilliant mind to support this focus as well. We are much better positioned to ‘Scale for Impact’ because of the time I was able to spend with Bruce and the support and insight he shared.

Lee P. Murphy, Ph.D., CPA, CEO, Inspera Health



My Network

The comments here from some of my clients tell only part of the story. These people have become lifelong friends. Many of them now know each other. I’ve had the good fortune (and I had an brilliant role model in my father, the consummate networker) to build an awesome network of people on several continents, in every conceivable occupation and interest, from baby boomers to millennials.

I guess you could say I really love people and I love helping them grow, flourish and become awesome. (Yes, you could definitely say that.)


Dr. Kristine Marin Kawamura

Bruce is a an excellent strategic consultant and leadership coach. He supported my efforts to conduct a strategic turnaround at a “challenged” branch of an IT services organization. His work included development and implementation of an extremely effective intervention plan that included team building, leadership coaching, training, and overall strategic support – using both HeartMath tools as well as business processes and tools. He is a master at communicating and building trusting relationships. He thinks strategically as well as tactically. He remained fully committed to the work and our organization, and helped us to achieve tremendous marketplace success. I’d recommend his work to any organization going through change or challenge.

Dr. Kristine Marin Kawamura, Scholar, Educator, Author, Consultant

I’m ready to rock and support a small group of visionary entrepreneurs and leaders take their mission to the next level. With heart, brains, full energy and creativity, and the passion to make a difference to a world in need.

Let’s talk.

With gratitude