Earth, Moon and Stars

by / Thursday, 15 November 2012 / Published in Nature, Space

Many people know me by the photos i post of nature, space, remarkable people, often accompanied by inspiring quotes of Rumi, Gibran, Maya Angelou, Einstein or “anonymous”. Here are a collection of some of my favorite images of this remarkable planet and what we can see from here. Enjoy! (All images courtesy of

Moon sliver seen from space

Airglow of Milky Way Galaxy above Italy

Meteor above Albrechtsberg Castle

Analemma — tracing the path of the moon above Poland

Annular eclipse 2010

Aurora borealis over Arctichenge

Majestic aurora

Venus Moon conjunction

Earthshine and Milky Way over Crater Lake

Moon sliver in great detail


Magnificent geyser during aurora

Harvest moon

Lunar eclipse over the Rockies

Meteor in front of Milky Way during moonrise creating “moonbow” over waterfall. Amazing!

Milky Way above Easter Island monoliths

Milky Way arching above Monument Valley, Arizona

The moon and mercury traveling above the city lights