The Power of Willingness

by / Thursday, 19 December 2013 / Published in Health, Spiritual life

IMG_4779This post is adapted from “Sonic Sanctuaries: Catalysts for an Inspired Life”, created by Gary Malkin and me. This guided imagery CD will be available September 2013. 

Recovering from a serious illness, then facing more surgeries to deal with chronic debilitating pain, taught me a lot about the importance of having willingness in life. How willing would I be to face surgeries and recovery with a strong heart, facing my fears and finding the courage to go on, recover and heal? And then once healed on physical levels, how could I adopt an even deeper level of willingness and openness to life as I entered my “second chance”?

Life presents so many opportunities to ask ourselves, “how willing am I right now?” The question could be prompted by a potential job change, by a request from a loved one about a pattern they hope you’ll change, by a realization that things in our external life won’t change until we do. The question of willingness is primary in how we navigate through so much of our life.


Willingness to me is a “power” because it can catalyze many dimensions of our growth and evolution.

  • To be willing to learn
  • To be open to ideas outside your comfort zone
  • To be accessible to life – responsive, available embracing
  • To be flexible not rigid with life
  • To be resilient not hardened
  • To be flowing, not frozen

Many times in my healing journey, I could feel that when my mind and heart were more flexible, my physical health improved. It’s also true that when our responses to life are more flexible, our body in turn is more flexible.

Willingness is not just about mustering up some courage to face a daunting challenge. It’s also about having the willingness to experience life with a deep sense of gratitude. Willingness to experience life in all its fullness brings a sense of wonder, which in turn feeds our willingness. When we have a feeling of childlike wonder combined with profound awe, we can find deep fulfillment.

Take a moment and drink in the feeling of “awesome wonder”.


What would it be like if we returned to a state of childlike innocence, and could drop the trappings of adulthood that kill our spirit, drown our energy, and dampen our wide-eyed enthusiasm?

Childlike innocence is a bubble inside of delight, even over the smallest of things.



Identify a time when you experienced this feeling, this portal into the next stage of us. Remember the memory, and call it forth when you felt a feeling of inspiration.  If no memory comes to you about yourself, remember a time when someone you admire or love exhibited this quality.

Take a few moments to savor the feeling of freedom and peace that come from willingness to live life.

golden mountain majesty

golden mountain majesty

What part of your life would most benefit from this quality you just directly infused your heart and spirit with?

What actions could you take to bring this quality into your life?

What relationships in your life would most benefit from this quality that could bring greater inspiration and juice to the relationship?

What would help you remember and assimilate this experience so that it could benefit you in your work and life?

Enjoy your week.


photo by Michael McAreavy

photo by Michael McAreavy