The Greatest Strength is Gentleness.

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Iroquois Proverb

I’m traveling to the East Coast of the US today for a two week trip of reflection, deep inquiry, meditation, vacation, and some business. This quote struck a chord as my journey starts.

“The greatest strength is gentleness.”

david lane

I am meditating deeply — and gently — over the direction of my life spiritually and professionally. As a man who believes in the power of asking ourselves, “what makes your heart sing”, I realize it’s essential for me to do so at a new level. I have achieved many things personally and professionally and gratitude fills my days and nights. But there is also a disquieting feeling inside me that there is more to be done, more to be shared, new worlds to explore and new ways to express the gifts I have been given and the lessons I have learned. I know too that there are new depths in my heart to plumb, new paths to forge, new people to co-create with; there are also old fears to release, old habits to transcend, old mindsets to replace.

The Most powerful force on earth is the human soul on fire

It’s an exciting and edgy time as I begin to step out of the shadows of supporting visionaries in manifesting their visions — while having the joy of following what makes my heart sing “on the side” — to now truly step into my power as a creator, a visionary, a counselor, a writer, a teacher, a renaissance man …. and as an empowered awakened human being.

Be gentle today. I will be as gentle as I can in this transition that is calling me without avoiding or deferring the future that pulls me.

Save your energy friends, don’t waste it in overreaction and drama. Be gentle with yourself and others. Save your strength for what really matters: the fulfillment of you. It’s hard for your heart to sing when your energy is distracted unnecessarily. I’m right there with you.

Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken. — Oscar Wilde

Just Love

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