Bruce has worked with a wide range of entrepreneurs, executives and leaders in various stages of their careers, and spanning many markets. Here’s a sampling of how people feel working with Bruce.  

Anna Margolis

When I met Bruce, I’d been searching for some time for a mentor with the requisite level of consciousness and capacity to hold the size of the vision I’d received. With 30+ years’ business experience, a level of magnetism that’s attracted an exceptional network of close friends in the transformational field and a deep heartfelt appreciation for beauty, creativity and flow, Bruce remains the ideal mentor and collaborator for me as a committed and conscious business owner. I appreciate his ability to listen without judgment, to stay out of the story, to make me feel safe to explore my deepest soul levels and to be playful when an injection of fresh creativity is needed. Thank you Bruce – I couldn’t do it without you!

Anna Margolis, Conscious Revolutionary and Mentee since November 2015

Lee P. Murphy

I hired Bruce to work with me as our company was going through a critical evolutionary stage in our development. He brought to our engagement a grounded process and a lightness of spirit that helped me prepare to help transform our organization. Our firm’s mission of focusing on the impact we have with others first was aligned with how Bruce lives his life. If you want to improve yourself, Bruce is a great guide/mentor, if you want to improve your organization’s effectiveness – he brings a broad base of experience and a brilliant mind to support this focus as well. We are much better positioned to ‘Scale for Impact’ because of the time I was able to spend with Bruce and the support and insight he shared.

Lee P. Murphy, Ph.D., CPA, CEO, Inspera Health

Debbie Stock, Ed.D.

A tug of fate brought Bruce and me together opening my world to his insights about love, motivation, and achievement twenty years ago.  Earlier this year, we reconnected as I sought ways to reenergize my lifelong dream to be a writer, speaker, and consultant.  As my executive coach and mentor, Bruce uses his unique ways to balance his gifts of creativity and business know-how to help me gain confidence, develop actionable plans, and get started on building practice.  The hidden treasure in our coaching relationship is in Bruce’s continual openness and willingness to share his journey of discovery and transformation.

Debbie Stock, Ed.D., Senior Customer Engagement Executive at SuccessFactors, an SAP Company

Greg Zlevor

Bruce Cryer is a unique individual who possesses both the skill to work with a variety of people and the keen insight to make a difference. I have a had the pleasure of hiring Bruce and working along side him with clients. He is talented and impactful. He is a world class expert on coherence and performance. I highly recommend Bruce.

Greg Zlevor, Leadership Specialist • Visionary • Innovator, Westwood International

I began to work with Bruce in a 6 month business coaching/mentorship which transitioned into a warm friendship with ongoing business support as needed. Bruce has been a perfect match for my business needs. He brings a long history of business expertise beautifully intertwined with heart and soul. He introduced me to HeartMath and taught me the value of beginning each work session with a short meditation. His skilled use of language lends to an impressive style of editing that benefits my analytical, left brained style of writing. I consider him to be a master communicator, superb writer, talented lyricist and dancer with a sharp intellect whose gentle but effective manner helped me move past the frustration I felt with developing my business. One of Bruce’s many gifts is his finely tuned intuition. Additionally, he has built an impressive network of both business and spiritual colleagues and has a powerful ability to connect people at exactly the right time. I recommend working with Bruce without reservation. I hope I have a place in both his heart and his rolodex for many years to come!

Misty Rushing, RN, CRNA, Founder, Integrative Anesthesia

Chris Cappy

Bruce has been highly useful to me and to several of my clients. He brings a deep expertise in the field of organizational stress and science-based solutions and technology that help people to broaden their perspectives and produce better results. He unfailingly brings a fresh and creative attitude to whatever opportunities we’ve partnered with, is a delight to work with. He deserves my highest recommendation as an educator, consultant, and provocative thinker in his field.

Chris Cappy, Management Consulting Consultant and Contractor, Pilot Consulting

Robin Raff

Bruce is incredibly intelligent which makes working with him an inspiring challenge. He is also quite passionate about his work which is very contagious. He has the ability to explain the most complex concepts at a level that is understandable by a layman. Bruce and I worked together on the development of a marketing plan for HeartMath’s emWave Personal Stress Reliever. He provided a thorough background of the product features and benefits, and the industry challenges and opportunities so that my team and I were able to develop a unique positioning and a realistic/practical marketing plan. He provided valuable insight and feedback when needed and was just great to work with. Bruce is a rare find in the marketing world and we’re lucky that he is behind a product that has the capacity to do much good!

Robin Raff, Director of Marketing, Medicare Direct Marketing at Kaiser Permanente

Byron Stock

If you are considering working with Bruce Cryer my advice is — jump in!  Bruce brings a sincere, thoughtful, experienced perspective to every project and program he is involved with.  You and your people will find it a pleasure to work with Bruce.  You will find his counsel insightful, down-to-earth, and refreshingly honest ­and he delivers on his commitments.

Byron Stock, Byron Stock & Associates, Expert in Emotional Intelligence Training and author of SMART EMOTIONS

Lynda Nguyen

Bruce is one of my best friends, and also a committed member of the advisory board for my start-up. As I’ve been learning, growing, and working to develop and launch our venture, he’s been an amazing support on challenging days, cheering me on with positivity at every win, connecting me with his exceptional network, and having a whole lot of fun with me while we’re at it. He has decades of deep business experience, he’s committed, and he always delivers. I would recommend Bruce to any entrepreneur or business leader seeking to create a thriving business and a thriving life!

Lynda Nguyen, Confidence Coach, CEO and Founder, Friendtier


Bruce is a high quality executive, a very thorough and thoughtful leader and a person who brings both integrity and great skill to all business relationships. I have worked with Bruce as a consultant/advisor for more than 10 years, introduced him to many potential (and later) clients, all of whom have expressed great satisfaction with  Bruce and the  programs he so effectively represents and implements. Bruce is truly an inspirational leader and a delight to know and work with.

Charles Inlander, Owner/President at Charles Inlander Organization, Inc.

Roberta Baskin

Bruce Cryer is a visionary leader with a unique challenge. His special sphere of influence is taking frantic, anxious, stressed out people and teaching them to relax and feel grounded. Those who pay attention are more productive and happier. Bruce does the kind of work that makes the world a better place… which is why this is a HEARTFELT recommendation!

Roberta Baskin, Media Communications, Investigative Reporting, Coaching

Justin Leader

When you think of men of integrity, those who have a passion for life, who exhibit the character that most strive a lifetime to achieve, I think of Bruce Cryer. I had the pleasure of meeting Bruce at a Health and Benefits Expo in Clearwater Florida. We just so happen to meet randomly at a morning beach walk. In the matter of minutes, I knew that I had met a very special person. It is not only the personal character of Bruce that most people will find compelling; it is the energy, enthusiasm and heart that he puts into his message. This is all before I begin to recommend his work. It is with great honor I recommend Bruce Cryer. It is my suggestion that you connect with him, work with him and experience a person who is an excellent representation of the Human Spirit.

Justin D. Leader, MS, Vice President of Business Development at Special Risk

Nancy Ring

It’s a joy to recommend Bruce Cryer and his work as an experienced consultant, coach, speaker and facilitator. Whether you are watching or participating as he guides individuals and groups toward the outcomes they seek, his talent, grace and ease are effective and rewarding. Because he always exceeds the audience’s expectations, Bruce leaves participants inspired and wanting to learn and do more. His leadership by example is an important component of his effectiveness. When arrangements and technology don’t sync, Bruce models resilience and moves the session on, always supporting everyone’s continued coherence and effectiveness. I’ve benefited greatly from working with Bruce, and know many others who say the same thing. I hope you, too, will have the same opportunity.

Nancy Ring, Transformational Coaching for Organizations and Individuals

Scott Shuster

Bruce has made HeartMath one of the fastest growing human resources and leadership consultancy organizations. Bruce approached me at BusinessWeek in the mid-90s asking how to take Heartmath forward with big companies. I loved the technology but I was skeptical: He proved me wrong and I’m so glad he did. Congratulations to Bruce & his team.

Scott Shuster, Onstage chairman of prominent business and governmental events

Dianne Groff

Bruce is an incredible individual. His knowledge and willingness to help us incorporate heartmath interventions into our breast cancer program has drastically improved our ability to provide effective service.

Diane Groff, Associate Professor at University of NC @ Chapel Hill

Pope McElvy

Bruce is a man of the highest integrity and effectiveness. He is a man of many talents and amazing creativity. Beyond my business connection with Bruce, he has become a valued friend who I trust completely.

Pope McElvy, Owner, Tree of Light, Inc.

Dr. Kristine Marin Kawamura

Bruce is a an excellent strategic consultant and leadership coach. He supported my efforts to conduct a strategic turnaround at a “challenged” branch of an IT services organization. His work included development and implementation of an extremely effective intervention plan that included team building, leadership coaching, training, and overall strategic support – using both HeatMath tools as well as business processes and tools. He is a master at communicating and building trusting relationships. He thinks strategically as well as tactically. He remained fully committed to the work and our organization, and helped us to achieve tremendous marketplace success. I’d recommend his work to any organization going through change or challenge.

Dr. Kristine Marin Kawamura, Scholar, Educator, Author, Consultant

Becky Aud-Jennison

Working with Bruce Cryer was consistently a pleasure and a positive learning experience. His history at the helm of HeartMath gave cause for professional interaction as we developed those services with our clientele in a medical setting. We presented with him in London about HeartMath’s excellent work and observed Bruce working with an international audience of physicians. Throughout the past several years, Bruce has been an excellent role model and example to observe functioning as an executive, developing programs, and the continuous successful business development of HeartMath. Along with that business sense, he always integrated the practical application and modelled excellent coaching skills for other professionals. Bruce, as a person, shines. In his presence and hearing his enthusiasm for his life-changing services, he exudes the essence of skilful marketing– all which appear as natural abilities. His interpersonal skills are exemplary and anyone working with Bruce is better for having the experience.

Becky Aud-Jennison, Counselling Instructor at NorthTec- Whangarei, New Zealand

Keith Corbin

Bruce is an outstanding business executive. As a consultant to HeartMath I have worked closely with Bruce for more than ten years. During that time he has been an extremely valuable member of the HeartMath executive team. A combination of his leadership skills and his ability to engage CEO’s at many large international enterprises, including presentations of the HeartMath value proposition in numerous large group settings, has been instrumental in HeartMath’s growth and on-going success.

Keith Corbin, Chief Financial Officer

Marialena Murphy, MSN, MSHA, RN, CNOR

I have known Bruce since 2009; we met in conjunction with work I was doing with Scottsdale Healthcare and the Watson Caring Science Institute bringing HeartMath into my hospital and teaching Transforming Stress and Revitalizing Care workshops to caregivers. Bruce has been supportive and inspirational over the years that I have worked with him. He provides a deep heartfelt approach to initiatives and projects that is uniquely effective.  He encourages growth at the personal and professional level in ways that brings out creativity, talent and art and the appreciation for these approaches as well as using seasoned business strategies to achieve goals. I would encourage any friend or colleague to consider what Bruce can offer to executives and organizations.

Marialena Murphy, Clinical Nursing Director

Bud Wilson

Bruce Cryer embodies the core values of caring and kindness that demonstrate a love of life and people that is admirable. I’ve known Bruce for nearly 30 years, every encounter provides a gem of insight and wisdom that deepens my own appreciation for the gift of being alive during these turbulent times. If you are fortunate to know Bruce, work with him or engage his considerable skills and talents you will be glad you did!

Bud Wilson, Partner & Director of Creative Outreach at The AGORA PROJECTS