Nov 6 Workshop: Finding Your Inner Balance: Optimizing Health, Resilience and Vitality While Lowering Stress – Stanford University

by / Tuesday, 22 April 2014 / Published in Past Events

Bruce has been leading quarterly HeartMath workshops for the Stanford Health Improvement Program since 2008. This half-day program features the Inner Balance app and Sensor technology developed by HeartMath. This award-winning stress feedback technology enables your iOS device to help you train your physiology out of habitual stress reactions into more optimal performance and healthier living. The workshop features HeartMath’s 20+ year research into human performance, mental and emotional well-being, and creating a high performance state known as “coherence.” You can sign up through the following link.
For Finding Your Inner Balance Workshop; Enter Class Code: heart-01

Class is open to Stanford employees as well as the general public.