“Nothing happens unless first we dream.” — Carl Sandburg

by / Monday, 01 February 2016 / Published in Health

Nothing happens unless first we dream -- Carl Sandburg

What silent wishes of your heart have never arrived in the bright sunshine of a vivid dream? What dreams in your heart have yet to come true? Carl Sandburg was so accurate when he said: “Nothing happens unless first we dream.” How could this profound statement change how you work with clients, with co-workers? How could it affect your attitude when you wake up in the morning? Have you given up on certain dreams in your life, believing they are unreachable?

When I went through cancer surgery, then treatments to rebuild my immune system, then more treatments to stop the spread of staph infections that resulted from the cancer treatments… when my hips failed me several months later and surgery to replace them both became the only option, much of my power to dream had been extinguished. It took all the inspiration I could muster in my heart to start dreaming of a healthy vibrant life I hoped was still possible. As my hips gradually recovered from the traumatic surgery to remove my hip joints and insert chunks of unbreakable titanium into my body, at first my only dream was to walk and hike again without pain. As my strength increased I realized my dreams were too small. Perhaps much more activity was possible (my doctor agreed!) Soon I found the deeper dreams of my heart which longed to experience the joy of dance again. And dance I did… tentatively at first, then with more confidence, more passion, and more gusto. Now I dance with the abandon of my twenty-year-old self. Alive with a body and a spirit I only dreamed was possible.

Nothing happens unless first we dream.