My mantra: Love deeply, do good every day, and never grow old

by / Monday, 05 October 2015 / Published in Health

Sir Arthur Wing Pinero

Some of my connections know I went through a serious health crisis several years ago when I was still CEO of HeartMath, an organization I helped to found in 1991. I learned a lot about life, death, fear, and love while experiencing two life-threatening illnesses. I went through a painful and scary rollercoaster involving multiple surgeries, multiple tests, confusing diagnoses, and highly invasive treatments, during which time my mother also passed away from a long struggle with Alzheimer’s.

Eventually I turned the corner as I regained my strength and hope, a new zest for life gradually returned. An inner power filled my heart and body, fueled by love. Rather than accept that I had merely “survived” these ordeals, my focus shifted to turning back the clock, to living life as a young man would, not as someone who had simply accepted “aging” as inevitable. I exercised with a passion to fully live, I loved myself more about what I put in my body each day, what I put in my thoughts and feelings each day, and which people I wanted in my inner circle, as well as those who had violated my trust too many times. I loved as deeply as I could, as often as I could. I was honest and vulnerable like never before.

Love deeply, do good every day, and never grow old.

I practice this mantra every day, even as I now enjoy a level of vitality, health and joy I hadn’t known in maybe 25 years. I practice this in my personal life with friends, family, and strangers — the majority of my friends are 10-40 years younger than me —  and in my business life, with clients, colleagues, and advisors. I choose the kind of projects I take on, I choose the kind of people I coach or advise. Not because I feel “holier than thou”. Not at all. But because in this “one wild and precious life”, as poet Mary Oliver calls it, that I am still living, I get to choose. Love is my guideline, being young and playful is my MO, and loving deeply every moment that I can is the only way I want to live. 

As Sir Arthur beautifully suggests, I may also die of old age, but I plan to die young and fully passionate in love, in my life’s calling, and in my playful spirit. You’re stuck with Brucie baby for as long as possible.