Jan 16-19, 2015 Keynote Performance: Sedona World Wisdom Days — Sedona, AZ

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What Makes Your Heart Sing: A Celebration of Song, Story and Resilience

Sedona World Wisdom Days

Featuring Bruce Cryer and Gary Malkin

Through the musical and storytelling talents of Emmy award-winning composer GARY MALKIN and author/consultant and former HeartMath CEO BRUCE CRYER (who is also a former Broadway singer/actor/dancer), you will be taken through an enriching personal journey of music, inspiration, beauty, and entertainment. Filled with live music, multimedia immersion and Bruce and Gary’s compelling personal stories, this memorable event is designed to awaken you to the power of inspiration, exploring how your deepest passions can help you to cultivate greater resilience and even thrive through life’s most challenging storms. You’ll have the opportunity to ask yourself questions like:

What makes your heart sing? Are you engaging in what inspires you in your life?

Join us for a thrilling experience designed to arouse your own personal passions so you can live “your one wild and precious life!”

See http://www.sedonaworldwisdomdays.com/ for more information and to register!