Imagination and art: the fountainhead of human experience, the birth of the renaissance human

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it is your light that lights the worldsHaving had careers spanning publishing, biotech, nutrition, wellness, music, theater and art, I deeply believe and know in my bones that artistic expression and creative imaginings represent the highest manifestation of our humanity.

davinciWhat if imagination and art are not frosting at all, but the fountainhead of human experience? — Rollo May




your dream could change a million realities

Our culture believes and supports the opposite — that technology, science, and rational pursuits are supreme and must be most highly valued.

child playing chelloWhile I enjoy business and know its power to affect lives and transform society, and while I deeply appreciate the power of scientific exploration to profoundly alter our understanding of ourselves and our universe, I believe it is those enterprises that embrace beauty and the sublime nature of life that create sustaining, life-changing power in our lives. Businesses that value beauty in every interaction earn our loyalty and delight. But they remain commercial and driven by other needs besides the exaltation of beauty and the elevation of the human spirit.

giant eye art

Better yet, go straight to the artists, the creators, the musicians, the poets, the dancers, the performers — they are the ones with the direct connection to the divine. Better still, find the inner singer, the inner poet, the inner dancer, the inner mystic in you and celebrate it! And if you find that rare breed of businessperson or scientist who also embraces the arts in their life, now that’s a ‪‪#‎renaissancehuman‬. That’s what makes my heart sing!!





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