In 1980 I met Doc Childre, who would found the HeartMath organizations about ten years later. I was part of the core team who developed the tools, the programs, the research and the technology which would make HeartMath a global leader in scientifically-validated techniques for stress reduction, optimal health, improved performance, and personal fulfillment. For eleven years I guided HeartMath LLC as CEO. (http://www.heartmath.com)

In late 2011 I stepped down as CEO to assume a new more flexible role as Global Director, HeartMath Healthcare. I have been involved in two exciting projects in the UK with the NHS, both in London and Glasgow. Other projects are developing in Europe and South Africa. 

Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, Cape Town


With HeartMath SA’s Andy Pellant at Nelson Mandela Square in Johannesburg.

I travel regularly to the UK, Europe, and South Africa in support of these three roles. Having two surgically repaired hips with titanium implants, I am on a first name basis with TSA agents and their colleagues in many countries of the world.

I regularly speak at leadership and health care conferences around the world. My topics include:

  • What Makes Your Heart Sing? (keynote performance with Gary Malkin)
  • Revelations of a Reluctant Patient: The Power of Inspiration to Catalyze Healing (keynote performance with Gary Malkin)
  • Discovering the Power of Heart Intelligence: The Science of High Performance
  • Transforming Stress into Resilience
  • Revitalizing Performance: A Leadership Imperative
I can of course customize my message based on a client’s need. Here is a little of what I can do:
  • Because of my 20+ years as part of the HeartMath team, I can speak in depth on the scientific research HeartMath has pioneered, and its core technology, emWave.
  • Because of my experience facing life threatening conditions, and how I dealt with those challenges mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically, I can talk openly about what it’s like to be a patient in our current health care system, as well as sharing personal stories for care-givers.
  • Because I faced life-threatening conditions twice while serving as HeartMath’s CEO, I can speak honestly on the challenges of recovering and healing running an organization, dealing with clients and staff, as well as the emotional struggles involved. 
  • Because I love life, I love beauty, and I love humor, my message is never dark or depressing. It is honest, open, vulnerable, hopeful, and most of important of all — if I’ve done my job well — inspirational.
Let me know how I can help.