Finding Your Creative Brilliance
is Your Birthright

I know I’m one of the lucky ones.

I was raised by two parents who each embraced important aspects of their personal creativity and supported their children to do the same.

I was never ridiculed for my singing voice, never told not to paint because “boys don’t do that”. Never told not to pursue a career in the theater because it wasn’t “manly”.

Humming BirdMy creative impulses were celebrated. And supported. And loved.

Unfortunately, too many of us have our creative impulses shot down at an early age, or discouraged once we enter our career.

It’s time to change that!

It’s time to embrace the full creative energy and brilliance that is our birthright, and in fact is programmed into our very DNA!

Yes, I believe that because of the profound truth that every human being is capable of creating life – and our bodies are re-creating life literally every day as trillions of cells are constantly being born to replace the old ones – therefore at our core, all human beings are creative.

Not just “the creative types”. All of us.

The challenge is to find what is our unique creative brilliance.

I’m on a mission to help people all over the world to do just that.

Whether your creative desires are for:

  • Career advancement
  • Business growth
  • Personal fulfillment
  • To satisfy a long-standing desire to write or sing or dance or paint or sculpt or whatever…

….no matter what your reasons, I know my Creativity MasterClass can be the catalyst you need to jumpstart your creative energy and find a new flow.

Do any of these sound like you?

  • Wish you had more creativity to develop your writing (or singing, dancing, painting, horseriding or sculpting) skills
  • Need to have more innovative ideas for your job
  • Want to find new solutions to challenging business issues
  • Wish your career had more purpose and meaning
  • Want to feel more alive and passionate about life
  • Long to have the playfulness and spontaneity of a child, like you used to


What You’ll Get in my Finding Your Creative Brilliance MasterClass

Fall TreeIn my 50+ years of creative exploration in fields as diverse as acting, dance, singing, painting, photography, writing, business development, marketing, graphic design, helping launch several innovative companies, mentoring entrepreneurs in several fields, and surviving a few life-threatening situations, I have learned a lot about what gets my creative juices flowing and ignites my creative spirit!

From my life experience I realized there had been several distinctive elements that helped me get back into a creative flow.

I call these elements the 5 Catalysts to Find Your Creative Brilliance, and they will be the foundation of the MasterClass. These Catalysts are:

  • Mindfulness (with heart)
  • Movement
  • Nature
  • Playfulness
  • Artistic Expression

We will explore each of these Catalysts during every MasterClass session, as well as through creative projects you work on between sessions.

The MasterClass will be a creative feast as we explore old creative talents, new ones, and even passions and talents we never knew we had!

  • While I have been passionate about creativity for decades, it took some major health “wake-up calls” before I could re-engage the full power of my creative energy — for health, fulfillment, business, and relationships.


Finding Your Flow

Athletes, artists, dancers, musicians, and psychologists all talk about finding the “flow”. Those moments where creative or athletic efforts feel effort-less and fun and fulfilling. When time seems to stand still or expand, where creative and performance breakthroughs can happen.

Flow feels great because it IS great for our bodies. Our heart, brain, and various internal systems operate with little strain and maximum energy.

The science of creativity and flow has been supercharged by recent discoveries in neuroscience and optimal states, and by the work of such as organizations as the HeartMath Institute that demonstrated conclusively the connection between heart-brain synchronization and optimal health.

Simply put, when we are engaged in a creative project that we enjoy, everything about us works better. And we feel so much better as well. Far more energy, more optimism, more vitality, more resilience, more care.

All this, and more, will be part of my Finding Your Creative Brilliance MasterClass.


Details for the February 2018 MasterClass

The MasterClass  begins with a 2.5 hour Virtual Retreat on Saturday Feb 3rd from 3-5:30pm EST (noon-2:30pm PST).

  • The MasterClass series continues with three 60-minute sessions on three successive Thursdays, Feb 8, 15, and 22.
  • All three sessions will run from 3-4pm EST (noon to 1pm PST).
  • All sessions will utilize the Zoom video platform and we will be able to break into small groups for discussions and certain exercises.

Bruce Cryer HikingIn addition to the four live interactive video sessions, I am providing a rich array of digital materials for you, including:

  • my guided meditation CD, Sonic Sanctuaries (co-created with Emmy-award winning composer and visionary, Gary Malkin)
  • my upcoming album of original songs, Renaissance Human (co-created with the amazing singer/songwriter/producers, The Brothers Koren)
  • an inspirational slide show (co-created with my terrific digital marketing guy, Brad Wallace)
  • an inspiring video I created for a project called What Makes Your Heart Sing (directed by brilliant filmmaker Abe Heisler)
  • my book From Chaos to Coherence: The Power to Change Performance (e-book)
  • a variety of blogs and articles, and
  • many other resources

The cost for the four-part series — which begins with the Virtual Retreat next Saturday Jan 27 — rich interaction and creative projects, and the digital materials — is just $199.

There will also be a private Facebook group for those who value online interaction and support (this is not mandatory for those who avoid or are taking a break from social media.)

Please register now and Find Your Creative Brilliance:

Let’s create some amazing things together!



Renaissance Human


PS — if you would like to learn more about my Creativity MasterClass, here’s a link to a recent webinar I led.

Video replay:

Audio replay:


PPS — if you prefer a one-to-one approach to developing your creative brilliance for business and innovation, I provide that too. Please email me directly to learn more about those options and what would work best for you. Contact Bruce.