“Change or Die” sounds scary. How about “Change and Live Fully”!

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to exist is to change

“To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly.”

— Henri Bergson

Are you creating yourself endlessly, as Henri Bergson suggests is the key to life? Or does that sound hopelessly exhausting? I have found in my own life, and as a physical reality of my cellular structure, a desire to coast, to lie fallow, to soak in the beauty of what is, instead of swimming frantically in the cauldron of creation.

Wow, that sounds like a negative projection of the future! Obviously I rarely actually believe that, but my programming, passed down from countless generations and reinforced by civilization today, warns me to rest, to not get too caught up in all this “creativity stuff”. After all, be practical. Live life, sure, but kick back too. Quite the dialogue isn’t it. Do you recognize your voice in there? Do you ever feel a similar conflict? Or have I just raised a question you had never consciously considered? (Believe me your subconscious has been working over time on that one. In my humble opinion :))

Don’t take any of this too personally heart-singers! Or too seriously either 🙂 What if the act of creating oneself endlessly is exactly what we’re all designed to do, we just haven’t accepted our mission yet?

bruce cryer sun

Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde

As a cancer survivor and one who has healed from double hip replacement surgeries, life-threatening MRSA (the bad staph) infection, and even salmonella poisoning, life presented me with a visceral sense of “carpe diem”. With our mortality so certain and yet the moment of our passing unknown, it does make you want to go out and live! Throw caution to the wind! Breathe, enjoy, sing, dance, love!!! That has been my mantra for the past four years, once my recovery was assured.

Yes I realized change was necessary for me. Yes I knew I had to change oneself over and over again in order to find the deep fulfillment and soul nourishment I knew I deserved. I changed just about every part of my life (also not for the faint of heart, and something everyone is not required to do, nor is it even advisable!)

I love you all

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