Beauty awakens the soul to act

by / Wednesday, 13 January 2016 / Published in Health, Spiritual life

Beauty awakens the soul to act

I awoke again this morning as a stunning pastel sunrise formed over the Bay. I never tire of these glorious mornings, even when the sun is hiding behind fog or clouds.

There is no question for me that “beauty awakens my soul to act.” Beauty inspires me to share my heart, share my feelings, to communicate deeply with myself as well as with others. Beauty uplifts me to that wondrous state called awe.

sunset city

Discovering, expressing and creating beauty is the reason I live. Whether it’s music, a gesture, a cloud, a sunrise, a smile, a tear, a moment of tender vulnerability… in whatever beauty expresses itself I allow myself to be touched and transformed in its presence.


you are beautiful in so many ways

What a gift in this life to be able to experience and express beauty in any of its infinite forms.

How do you express beauty in your life? In what ways has beauty inspired you to act?