Four years ago when I stepped down as CEO for HeartMath, an innovative research and education organization in the stress and well-being space, I was a recovering cancer patient in the middle of bilateral hip replacement. I had started to feel optimistic after a very scary two years which included life-threatening staph infections and the death of my mother, and now I was looking toward a fairly long but hopeful recovery. I knew I needed to heal a number of things in my body and in my life, both personally and professionally. Little by little the healing happened, and my passion to contribute meaningfully to the world was reignited. The What Makes Your Heart Sing project ( was born from this deep soul exploration.

As my healing accelerated I started to engage coaches and mentors to help me build a platform on social media. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to say yet, but I knew I needed an audience to say it  :))

My path has had many tough, challenging moments, in fact the visionary path for all of us has many ups and downs, ebbs and flows, peaks and valleys. But it has led me to the beautiful life I have now — living in this magical town of Sausalito, California, with its amazing sunrises, clouds, water, and beautiful evenings. I am singing again, and dancing too! I have the love and support of many amazing talented friends and colleagues all over the world. I feel the health and vitality of someone probably 25 years younger than my chronological age. I feel reborn on so many levels.

Just over a year ago, after meeting an amazing woman while doing improv dance together for many months, that woman, the New York Times best-selling author Dr Lissa Rankin ( asked me to become her CEO. It’s been an amazing ride ever since. Lissa is a true visionary, a spiritual pioneer, a voice for vulnerability and authenticity, and for living a life aligned with her heart. Just my kind of person 😉

Visionary Ignition Switch is one of the powerful programs Lissa has created in her business, co-developed with the amazing Amy Ahlers. In the program Lissa and Amy joined forces to share everything they’ve learned on their visionary paths. Their intention has been, in Amy’s words, “to save other visionary entrepreneurs so much TIME, ENERGY & MOOLAH so they can experience soulful success even more quickly.”

For the first time in over three years Lissa and Amy are offering Visionary Ignition Switch, our business school for inspired visionaries, LIVE. While I didn’t personally create this marvelous program, my 35 years developing and leading visionary organizations is now included so I’ll be on several of the live calls. We have 7 live calls in total, and 9 recorded modules filled with wisdom, how to’s and love, and our “exclusive bonuses with bad ass visionaries.”

**ENROLLMENT Closes TODAY! So if you’ve been watching & waiting for the right time or divine sign, consider this post your sign!**

You can view all the details, & enroll here:

We also have Sarah, Lucie and Stephanie available on our chat to answer questions and help you determine if VIS is the right match.

It’s an honor to be working with these exceptional, open-hearted, awesome women, and to contribute my heart, soul and hard-won experience to the program. I hope you can join us!

With love and gratitude always

PS — hoping you noted that the deadline to register is today, Weds Sep 16th, at midnight EDT.