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Bruce’s business and life philosophy is based on helping clients build three pillars:

  • Health and Personal Performance
  • Business and Life Strategies
  • Life Enjoyment

runningHealth and Personal Performance

It’s the combination of Bruce’s life experience as a high performer on the Broadway stage, Stanford Business School, and boardrooms and conference rooms of major companies, combined with not only surviving but now thriving in spite of life-threatening situations that make his offerings so unique and powerful. Bruce is a skilled facilitator, keynote speaker, and teacher, whose appreciation for the interplay of health and performance was originally honed during a successful career as an actor, singer and dancer.

Business and Life Strategies

Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you.

Marianne Williamson

thriveLife Enjoyment

Inspiration is not just for weekends or retirement. It’s not just why we have hobbies or go on learning vacations and adventures. It’s something that can infuse and transform the quality of everything we do. Through his own personal life challenges and 35+ years in business, Bruce has seen time and time again how the power of inspiration can remove obstacles to growth, remove resistance and replace it with flow, and energize optimism and vitality instead of lethargy or inertia. Bruce’s own story has already inspired thousands of people around the world. Working with him one on one will be a unique and highly personalized experience, in whatever program you choose. 


Leadership Coaching 

Leadership-AspirantSGCatalysts for Inspired Performance

Mastering your skills as a leader and your passions and talents as a human being are challenges for everyone entering the management and leadership ranks. Bruce’s wide variety of career, business and executive management roles, give him unique skills and experience to ignite those capacities in yourself. His recognition as one of the Top 50 Leaders in Personal Excellence shows his depth and commitment to the growth of the individual. Bruce’s recovery from serious illness, and now enjoying his highest level of fitness in about 30 years, forms a strong foundation for this personalized program. Specific self-management, self-awareness and strategic tools are taught in this highly personalized process, along with plans to achieve personal and professional goals. 

True leaders have the ability to create a future that is distinctly different from their past.

Vanessa Shaw

 What’s Unique about Bruce’s Approach

* Bruce’s 20+ years as a leader, program developer, and facilitator of HeartMath programs brings substantial value and evidence-based techniques for personal development and resilience.

* HeartMath technologies for stress reduction and resilience building are incorporated in all of Bruce’s programs

* As co-founder of What Makes Your Heart Sing, Bruce has a passion for helping people find inspiration. An acclaimed guided visualization CD — Sonic Sanctuaries — created by Bruce and his co-founder, Emmy-award winning composer Gary Malkin, is used in the program.

* Many people have individual needs around their health and well-being as well as prevention of disease or declining function. A variety of personalized health and performance assessments can be used, tailored to the individual’s needs. 


Consulting Services

Engaging Program Development: Matching Vision, Message and Client Experience

Bruce’s twenty plus years in designing programs for personal and professional development – from the storyboard of the training, to the words and images on the slides, to the multi-media experience to engage participants emotionally — are all part of this service. He will be your partner to help develop the content, visual representation and graphical identity that engages a variety of different audiences for your personal and/or professional development programs.

partnerCatalyzing Partner Development

It is often said that the key to success in business is building and sustaining significant relationships. This program will help you define your key partners and build a plan for how to effectively engage with those partners to catalyze their crucial role in growing your business. In addition, Bruce Cryer brings his own significant global network to the business table to provide a real and tangible asset to assist business leaders to develop key partners.

Inspired Strategic Development: Synergizing Passion, Strategy and Execution

At the core of every successful organization is a clear, passionate strategy that remains flexible and nimble in a rapidly changing world and markets. This consulting service assists leaders to think big and to think practical in developing new markets, to create essential and mutually beneficial strategic partnerships, and to build sustainable business models that incorporate personal balance and inspiration. But successful business strategies are difficult to sustain when the individuals themselves are not personally aligned with their purpose and operating at an optimal level of health and performance. 

Bruce CryerIf you’re interested in exploring how Leadership Coaching or a customized program of coaching and consulting could help you accelerate your results in your business, your life and your health, I’d be happy to speak with you personally. I offer a complimentary Strategy and Performance Session in which I learn more about you, your situation, your goals and your aspirations. We’ll discuss the challenges you’re facing while exploring  options for accelerating your results…. with less strain and more vitality. Click here to schedule your session.


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